Propaganda pel film!

Let's think about a movie created from the record company 'Propaganda pel fet!'. How should it be? No doubt. It must be forceful, challenging and committed. We are not interested in a cinema that provokes indiference. The short film 'Interior. Family.', by Gerard Quinto, Esteve Soler and David Torras, and the documentary 'The memory of the music', by Feliu Ventura, are the perfect proof of this spirit. If you like it, we will be at your side. If you want more cinema like that, you can expect great things from us.

Yes, you read it right. "Propaganda pel Fet!" opens up to the film world. And it does giving impetus to the short film Interior. Família. (Interior. Family.) by Gerard Quinto, Esteve Soler and David Torras. It is a convincing and committed work that this season will be seen at very important festivals as it was in Cannes last May in the Short Film Corner section.


  In the short film, a couple of loving parents wake their child up in the middle of the night. They must talk to him urgently about a terrifying matter that will change his life ever after. And nothing else can be said. You'll have to find out the rest of the story by yourselves!  

  The renowned actor Francesc Orella ('Smoking Room'), a veteran of the Catalan stage as Rosa Cadafalch is and Adrià Diaz, a member of the company Parking Shakespeare are the excellent performers of this work filmed in Manresa. The short has received the contribution of Xavier Gil in cinematography, camera and post-production, as well as the collaborations of Juanjo Muñoz (Gossos) in sound mastering and Ana Lafont and Santi Martinez in production.  

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